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OCTOBER - XIII Central European Forum by Aquileia Euroregion
OCTOBER - XIII Central European Forum by Aquileia Euroregion Migrations – Integrations - Revolutions
Europe trembles

During his recent lectio magistralis at the University of Udine H.E. Lamberto Zannier, OSCE Secretary General, said that the present situation is considered the most critical since the end of World War II from a security perspective. This statement recalls words of Hubert Horatio Humphrei, former US vice president: “Command in the world requires much more than a large reserve of gunboats and a hard punch to the conference table''. Mitteleuropa, which for over a decade skillfully tackles the most delicate changes that characterize the political and social European landscape, cannot and will not shirk responsibility required by the current difficult situation and intends to dedicate a forum to changes in progress.
Even a quick analysis on today's European dynamics confirms completely the mentioned concerns:
- the English brexit and its internal inconceivable consequences for both the UK and the EU;
- the unpredictable effects of the LePenism in France;
- the weakness of the political balance in Spain;
- the never-ending political crisis in Belgium and Macedonia;
- the rapid rise and consistent success by the right-wing parties in Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Holland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Finland;
- the drastic downsizing of the socialist political weight in almost all European countries;
- the impracticable tax accounting by Troika to Greece.
These events have made the continent more fragile and fragmented than ever. If this were not enough, breeding grounds of instability are still present in Ukraine (Crimea and Donbass) and in certain areas in the Balkan region. The euro is very far from becoming a single currency. In such an incomprehensible situation, there is finally a Euro-Atlantic Europe imposing economic sanctions to a Euro-Asian Europe. A reality that cannot be understood, especially if those who try to mask the principle of the inviolability of the borders are the ones who have repeatedly broken it.

If we enlarge the horizon, beyond the continental mapping we can see the two near Mediterranean shores burning by a war that continues uninterruptedly since 2003, exploded everywhere sowing death, misery, terrorism and migrations. These migrations are responsible for a revolution that is not only political but also social.

Nowadays, every actor, public or private, governmental or from the civil society, has the duty to contribute to the European generational conversion, on the contrary we will all be overwhelmed. Therefore also our annual meeting becomes particularly useful, not only for the increasingly prestigious personalities and scholars involved, but also for the profitable exchange of views that aims to identify a common strategy.
For these reasons, we wish to reflect once more on issues that will affect our future, involving, according to a consolidated cliché, political, diplomatic, social, economic, academic and cultural institutions from all the countries of Central Europe and the Balkans in a laboratory coordinated by Mitteleuropa with honour.
We thank in advance the European institutions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the CEI - Central European Initiative, the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the University of Friuli, the Foundation Cassa di Risparmio of Udine and Pordenone, and all those who, in various ways, will be co-actors and supporters of this event.



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