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Article 3 of our Statute says:

“The Association’s symbol is the Habsburg two-head eagle (in the unique graphics of its registered mark), intended as a spontaneous reference to common cultural roots and to historical brother- and sisterhood. Other symbols characterising the history of local delegations may be added to the two-headed eagle. Only statutory bodies are allowed to use the social symbols in their characteristic and specific graphic version. Such symbols are to be considered part of the Association’s protected patrimony.”

Way back in 1974, this choice represented a bold, and not easily-taken, step. We chose the Habsburg eagle as a reference to our common historical and cultural roots and, especially, as an easily-recognisable symbol of brother- and sisterhood and of spiritual union among all Central-European peoples. Yet, this decision was instrumentally distorted by both the eastern and western politics of that period. It was not easy to make the true importance and profound significance of our eagle understood.
Then, times changed; the Iron Curtain fell, talks resumed, and the Soviet Union crumbled. Europe grew stronger, and eagles (with one or two heads) started flying again, by characterising the emblems of European States.
Hence, the courageous step we took in 1974 was finally rewarded.
Yet, for some time now, our symbol has been exploited as a badge of fashion. Indeed, it is in demand and imitated everywhere. We thus now find ourselves having to deal with the opposite problem—that of having to defend ourselves and our logotype from counterfeit and from retailers in search of trendy labels. This is why we registered our eagle in 1997 as an official mark, and as such, it has since enjoyed legal protection on both national and international levels.
It is now only natural that we wish to express our pride in having been able to look ahead during difficult times and for having known how to steadfastly preserve a winning idea.

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